pex connector types

pex connector types

Pex Connector Types

Pex (cross-linked polyethylene) tubing has gained popularity as a reliable alternative to traditional copper or PVC piping systems. Its flexibility, durability, and resistance to high temperatures and chemicals make it an ideal choice for plumbing and radiant heating applications. In this article, we will explore the different types of Pex connectors available in the market.

1. Crimp Fittings:
Crimp fittings are the most common type of Pex connector. They consist of a brass or poly-alloy fitting and a copper or stainless-steel crimp ring. The Pex tubing is expanded using a specialized tool, and the crimp ring is then slid over the expanded portion. Using a crimping tool, the ring is compressed onto the fitting, creating a secure connection. Crimp fittings are economical, easy to install, and widely available.

2. Clamp (Cinch) Fittings:
Clamp fittings, also known as cinch or pinch clamps, are another popular choice for connecting Pex tubing. They employ a stainless-steel clamp and a compatible fitting. The clamp is placed over the Pex tubing and fitting, and a cinching tool tightens the clamp, ensuring a tight seal. Clamp fittings offer flexibility and can be easily removed and reused if necessary.

3. Push-to-Connect (Quick-Connect) Fittings:
Push-to-connect fittings have gained popularity due to their ease of installation. They consist of a plastic or brass body with built-in stainless-steel teeth that grab onto the Pex tubing. The connector is then pushed into the tubing until it clicks into place, indicating a secure connection. Push-to-connect fittings require no special tools and provide a reliable and convenient alternative for DIYers and professionals alike.

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4. Expansion (ProPEX) Fittings:
Expansion fittings are specifically designed for Pex-A tubing, which has a memory feature enabling it to return to its original shape after expansion. These fittings utilize a tool that expands the Pex tubing, allowing the fitting to be inserted. As the tubing cools, it contracts, creating a strong connection. Expansion fittings provide a secure and reliable connection, even in high-temperature and high-pressure applications.

Choosing the right Pex connector type is crucial for ensuring a reliable and leak-free plumbing or heating system. The selection depends on factors such as application, budget, ease of installation, and personal preference. Crimp fittings offer a cost-effective solution, while clamp fittings allow for easy removal and reusability. Push-to-connect fittings provide a convenient option for quick installations, and expansion fittings are ideal for Pex-A tubing. Understanding the different connector types will help you make an informed decision when working with Pex tubing.

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