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FS-transceivers provides professional, agile and innovative services for enterprise digital transformation. By building professional labs, standardized and normalized testing processes, and having experienced technical teams, we keep our customers' expectations for reliable and professional solutions. We also have 7 warehousing centers and 9 local offices around the world to ensure our customers experience efficient and agile delivery services by building intelligent warehouse management systems and digital platforms. At the same time, FS continues to increase investment in R&D and innovation, introducing innovative products with cutting-edge high speed such as 400G 800G products to meet the needs of digital transformation of enterprises.


What we do

We focus on product innovation and have introduced cutting-edge products in the industry, including high-speed silicon photonics optical transceivers, 400G switches, 100G NICs providing intelligent RDMA and offload technology, two-socket (dual CPU) scalable servers supporting virtualization and cloud computing, and high performance, low latency, spine-leaf solutions.


Our professional test lab is equipped with the Anritsu spectrometer, Ixia test platform, Fluke Network Cable Tester and other internationally renowned test instruments, which can cover all testing needs of the enterprise network, transceivers and fiber optic cable.


These innovative products and solutions simplify high bandwidth deployments for enterprise networks, improve the efficiency of the entire infrastructure, and meet the enterprise demand for high bandwidth and low latency.

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