in visible light which color has the longest wavelength

in visible light which color has the longest wavelength

Invisible Light: Exploring the Longest Wavelength Color


In the vast realm of electromagnetic radiation, visible light is just a fractional part. Invisible to the human eye, there exist numerous wavelengths that extend beyond our visual spectrum. Among these invisible wavelengths, scientists have questioned which color possesses the longest wavelength. In this article, we will delve into the nature of invisible light and unveil the color with the longest wavelength.

I. Understanding the Electromagnetic Spectrum:

To comprehend the concept of invisible light, one must grasp the fundamentals of the electromagnetic spectrum. This spectrum comprises a range of electromagnetic waves, from short wavelength gamma rays to long wavelength radio waves. Hidden within this spectrum are different colors, and it is these colors that make up visible light.

II. The Visible Spectrum:

Visible light, the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that our eyes perceive, spans from violet to red. In order of increasing wavelength, the colors are violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. Red light, with the longest wavelength among visible colors, appears at the end of this spectrum.

III. Beyond the Visible Spectrum:

Beyond the realm of visible light lies a world of invisible wavelengths. At the shorter end, ultraviolet (UV) light contains wavelengths smaller than violet light, and at the longer end, infrared (IR) light has wavelengths greater than red light. However, even longer wavelengths exist, which give rise to other invisible parts of the spectrum.

IV. The Longest Wavelength Color:

When considering the longest wavelength color, we must explore the invisible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. Among these, radio waves stand out with their remarkable length. These waves encompass extremely long wavelengths, far surpassing those of visible light.

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V. The Color of Radio Waves:

While radio waves are not classified as colors, they represent the category of the longest wavelengths within the electromagnetic spectrum. Therefore, if we were to assign a color to represent radio waves, it would be situated at the furthest end of the spectrum – red. Though invisible to the human eye, radio waves possess wavelengths that are exceedingly longer than those of red light.


Invisible light stretches far beyond the boundaries of visible colors, leading us to explore wavelengths that exist outside our visual spectrum. Although invisible, these electromagnetic waves pervade our world, with radio waves encompassing the longest wavelengths. While not traditionally classified as a color, if we were to associate a color with these lengths, it would be red. By delving into the science of invisible light, we can gain a deeper understanding of the electromagnetic spectrum and its fascinating range of colors – both visible and beyond.

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