[SFP-25G-AOC10M] Article

The SFP-25G-AOC10M is a type of Active Optical Cable (AOC) designed for high-speed data transmission in data centers and networking environments. This article provides a detailed explanation of the features and benefits of the SFP-25G-AOC10M.

I. Overview
The SFP-25G-AOC10M is a 10-meter long AOC that supports data rates of up to 25 Gbps. It is compatible with SFP+ ports and provides a reliable and cost-effective solution for short-range data transmission.

II. Features
1. High-speed data transmission: The SFP-25G-AOC10M enables fast and efficient data transfer, making it suitable for bandwidth-intensive applications.
2. Plug-and-play: The AOC does not require any additional power source or interface converter, simplifying installation and reducing equipment costs.
3. Lightweight and flexible: The compact design of the cable makes it easy to handle and route in tight spaces.
4. Low power consumption: The AOC consumes less power compared to traditional copper cables, resulting in energy savings.

III. Benefits
1. Increased data throughput: The SFP-25G-AOC10M supports higher data rates, allowing for faster data transmission and improved network performance.
2. Extended reach: The AOC can transmit data up to 10 meters without any signal degradation, making it suitable for short-range connections within a data center.
3. Enhanced reliability: The use of optical fibers in the AOC eliminates electromagnetic interference and crosstalk, ensuring a stable and reliable data connection.
4. Cost-effective solution: The SFP-25G-AOC10M offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional copper cables, reducing overall infrastructure costs.

IV. Applications
The SFP-25G-AOC10M is ideally suited for various applications in data centers and networking environments, including:
1. Server-to-switch connections
2. Switch-to-switch interconnections
3. Within rack or cabinet connections
4. High-performance computing clusters
5. Storage area networks

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The SFP-25G-AOC10M is a high-speed and cost-effective solution for short-range data transmission in data centers and networking environments. With its fast data transfer rates, extended reach, and reliability, it is a versatile option for various applications. By using the SFP-25G-AOC10M, organizations can optimize their network performance while reducing infrastructure costs.

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