1. Introduction
– Definition of jnp-qsfp-40g-lr4
– Importance of jnp-qsfp-40g-lr4 in networking

2. Technical Specifications
– Transmission speed: 40 Gbps
– Wavelength: 1310nm
– Transmission distance: Up to 10 kilometers
– Connector type: LC duplex
– Operating temperature range: -5°C to 70°C

3. Features and Benefits
– High-speed data transmission: The jnp-qsfp-40g-lr4 supports a transmission speed of 40 Gbps, allowing for fast and efficient data transfer.
– Long transmission distance: With a transmission distance of up to 10 kilometers, it is suitable for long-range networking applications.
– Stable performance: The module operates on the 1310nm wavelength, ensuring reliable and stable performance.
– Easy installation: The LC duplex connector makes it easy to connect and install the module in networking devices.
– Wide operating temperature range: The jnp-qsfp-40g-lr4 can withstand temperature variations from -5°C to 70°C, making it suitable for various environments.

4. Applications
– Data centers: The jnp-qsfp-40g-lr4 can be used for high-speed data transmission within data centers, facilitating efficient data management and processing.
– Telecommunication networks: It is suitable for long-distance networking in telecommunication networks, ensuring reliable and fast communication.
– Enterprise networks: The module can be used in enterprise networks, connecting multiple locations and enabling seamless data transfer.

5. Compatibility
– Device compatibility: The jnp-qsfp-40g-lr4 is compatible with devices that support QSFP+ modules.
– System compatibility: It supports various networking systems, such as Ethernet and Fibre Channel.

6. Conclusion
– Recap of the key features and benefits of the jnp-qsfp-40g-lr4.
– Emphasis on its importance in high-speed networking and long-distance data transmission.
– Encouragement for businesses and organizations to consider the jnp-qsfp-40g-lr4 for their networking needs.

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