jhs little black amp box passive amp attenuator

jhs little black amp box passive amp attenuator

JHS Little Black Amp Box Passive Amp Attenuator

The JHS Little Black Amp Box is a passive amp attenuator that allows guitarists and bassists to achieve the tone they desire at lower volume levels. With its compact size and high-quality construction, it provides a simple and effective solution for reducing the volume of your amplifier without sacrificing tone or dynamics.

I. Features:
1. Compact Size: The Little Black Amp Box is designed to be small and unobtrusive, allowing for easy integration into your existing rig.
2. Passive Design: Unlike active attenuators that require power, this device operates without the need for batteries or additional power sources.
3. Quick Installation: With its straightforward design, the Little Black Amp Box can be easily connected between your amplifier and speaker cabinet using standard 1/4\” instrument cables.
4. Transparent Tone: JHS has designed this attenuator to provide a transparent and natural sound, preserving the tonal characteristics of your amplifier even at lower volume levels.

II. How it Works:
The Little Black Amp Box works by attenuating the signal coming from your amplifier before it reaches your speaker cabinet. By reducing the power output, it effectively lowers the overall volume while maintaining the integrity of your tone. This is achieved through the use of high-quality resistors and circuitry inside the device.

III. Benefits:
1. Bedroom Practice: With the Little Black Amp Box, you can enjoy playing your guitar or bass at lower volume levels without disturbing others in your household or neighbors.
2. Recording: This attenuator is perfect for recording studios, allowing you to achieve the desired tone without overwhelming microphones or other recording equipment.
3. Live Performances: In situations where lower stage volume is required, the Little Black Amp Box helps maintain a consistent tone and allows for better control over your overall sound.

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IV. Tips for Usage:
1. Start with a low attenuation setting and gradually increase until you achieve the desired volume level.
2. Experiment with different amp settings and pedal combinations to find the sweet spot for your desired tone.
3. Always use appropriate speaker cables and ensure that the impedance of your amplifier and speaker cabinet match to avoid any damage to your equipment.

The JHS Little Black Amp Box is a versatile and essential tool for guitarists and bassists looking to control their volume levels while preserving their tone. With its compact size, transparent sound, and easy installation, it is a reliable choice whether practicing at home, recording in a studio, or performing live.

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