Generic Compatible 100G/200G/400G Coherent CFP2-DCO Transceiver Module (DWDM, 80km, LC)


Generic Compatible 200G/400G DWDM Tunable CFP2 DCO 80km DOM Duplex LC SMF Transceiver Module


CFP2-DCO coherent transceivers support flex-grid DWDM tuning and provide 400GBase-DCO throughput up to 80km over single-mode fiber (SMF) via an LC connector. Digital optical monitoring (DOM) support is also present to allow access to real-time operating parameters. It is designed for line-side trunk DWDM data center interconnect (DCI) and OTU4/OTUCn metro optical transport network.

Part Number DWDM-400CFP2-DCO Vendor Name FS
Form Factor CFP2 Max Data Rate 100/200/400Gbps
Grid Spacing 50GHz/75GHz (200G
75GHz/100GHz (400G
Frequency Range 190.7 to 196.65THz
Optical channels 80/96 (200G
80/48 (400G)
Tunable Wavelength 75GHZ(1572.06~1524.69 )
Transmission Protocols 100G/200G/400G/OTU4/OTUCn Max Cable Distance 80km
1000km (200G) w/ EDFA
200km (400G) w/ EDFA
Connector Duplex LC Media SMF
Tx output power -6.5~-0.5dBm (PM-16QAM/PM-16QAM PS)
-6.5~-2.5dBm (PM-QPSK
Input Power Range -18~0dBm
Line Modulation PM-16QAM (400G/200G)
PM-16QAM PS (200G)
PM-QPSK (200G)
Power Consumption ≤28W
Host FEC Supported Commercial Temperature Range 0 to 70°C (32 to 158°F)
Protocols CFP2 MSA Hardware Specification 1.0 with modifications compliant
CFP MSA Management Interface Specification 2.2 with modifications compliant
IEEE 802.3bm
Warranty 5 Years


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