dell sfp-10g-t

dell sfp-10g-t

[dell sfp-10g-t]


The Dell SFP-10G-T is a high-performance 10 Gigabit Ethernet transceiver module that enables connectivity over twisted pair copper cables. It is designed to be compatible with Dell networking switches and provides a cost-effective solution for data centers and enterprise networks.

Key Features:

1. Compatibility: The Dell SFP-10G-T is designed to work seamlessly with Dell networking switches, ensuring reliable and efficient performance. It can be easily installed in any compatible device without any hassle.

2. Data Rate: This transceiver module offers a data rate of 10 Gigabits per second (Gbps), allowing for high-speed data transfer. It ensures smooth and uninterrupted transmission of large files, supporting bandwidth-intensive applications.

3. Copper Connectivity: Unlike traditional fiber optic transceivers, the Dell SFP-10G-T provides copper connectivity, making it ideal for shorter distance connections. It can be used with Cat6a and Cat7 cables, enabling cost savings and flexibility in network deployment.

4. Auto-Negotiation: The SFP-10G-T supports auto-negotiation, which means it can automatically detect the speed and duplex mode of connected devices. This feature eliminates the need for manual configuration, saving time and effort during setup.

5. Power Efficiency: This transceiver module is designed to be power efficient, consuming low power during operation. It helps in reducing energy costs and is environmentally friendly.


1. Flexibility: The Dell SFP-10G-T provides flexibility in network deployment, allowing for easy integration into existing infrastructure. It can be used for both copper and fiber connectivity, providing versatile options based on network requirements.

2. Scalability: With its high data rate and compatibility with Dell networking switches, the SFP-10G-T enables network scalability. It supports future growth and can handle increased data traffic, ensuring a smooth transition as network demands evolve.

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3. Cost-Effective: The use of copper cables and the compatibility with existing Dell networking switches make the SFP-10G-T a cost-effective solution. It eliminates the need for costly fiber optic infrastructure while providing reliable and high-performance connectivity.

4. Ease of Installation: The SFP-10G-T can be easily installed in any compatible Dell networking switch. Its plug-and-play functionality ensures a hassle-free setup process, minimizing downtime and reducing installation costs.


The Dell SFP-10G-T is a versatile and cost-effective 10 Gigabit Ethernet transceiver module that provides high-performance connectivity over copper cables. With its compatibility and scalability, it is an ideal solution for data centers and enterprise networks. Its flexibility, ease of installation, and power efficiency make it a reliable choice for network administrators seeking reliable and efficient connectivity options.

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