cutting fiber optic cable

cutting fiber optic cable

Cutting Fiber Optic Cable

I. Introduction
A. Definition of fiber optic cable
B. Importance of properly cutting fiber optic cable
II. Tools needed
A. Fiber optic cable cutter
B. Cable strippers
C. Fusion splicer
III. Steps to cut fiber optic cable
A. Preparing the cable
1. Inspect the cable for damage
2. Mark the desired cutting point
B. Cutting the cable
1. Use the fiber optic cable cutter
2. Ensure a clean and precise cut
C. Stripping the cable
1. Strip the outer jacket
2. Strip the buffer tube
D. Fusion splicing
1. Clean and cleave the fiber ends
2. Use the fusion splicer to join the fibers
IV. Safety precautions
A. Wear protective gloves and goggles
B. Keep the work area clean and organized
C. Handle the fiber optic cable with care to prevent damage
V. Conclusion
A. Importance of following the proper procedure for cutting fiber optic cable
B. Recap of the necessary tools and steps
C. Emphasize the need for safety during the cutting process.

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