coconino rim road dispersed camping

coconino rim road dispersed camping

Coconino Rim Road Dispersed Camping


The Coconino Rim Road Dispersed Camping is a popular recreational activity for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers. Located just outside Flagstaff, Arizona, this area offers a unique camping experience with stunning views, rich wildlife, and various outdoor activities.

I. Location and Accessibility

A. Coconino National Forest

1. Flagstaff, Arizona

2. Accessible via Coconino Rim Road

3. Approximately 15 miles outside of Flagstaff

4. Well-maintained dirt roads leading to camping areas

B. GPS Coordinates

1. Latitude: 35.276113

2. Longitude: -111.552714

II. Camping Areas

A. Overview

1. Coconino Rim Road offers multiple dispersed camping areas

2. Scenic locations with breathtaking views of the surrounding forests

3. Campsites are available on a first-come, first-served basis

B. Aspen Loop

1. Spacious campsites suitable for RVs and tents

2. Close proximity to hiking trails and wildlife viewing spots

3. Limited shade, so prepare for sun protection

C. Fir Loop

1. Smaller campsites nestled in the Ponderosa pine forest

2. Accessible to Coconino National Forest’s trail system

3. Perfect for campers seeking a more secluded experience

III. Outdoor Activities

A. Hiking

1. Coconino Rim Trail offers stunning views of the surrounding area

2. Trailhead accessible from various camping areas

3. Moderate difficulty level with well-marked paths

B. Wildlife Viewing

1. Abundance of wildlife including deer, elk, and birds

2. Opportunities for birdwatching and animal photography

3. Respect wildlife and maintain a safe distance

C. Photography

1. Capture the beauty of the Coconino National Forest

2. Spectacular vistas and unique rock formations perfect for photography

3. Experiment with sunrise and sunset shots for stunning results

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IV. Camping Guidelines and Regulations

A. Leave No Trace Principles

1. Pack out all trash and waste

2. Respect nature and avoid damaging vegetation

3. Leave the campsite as you found it for future visitors to enjoy

B. Campfire Regulations

1. Follow local fire restrictions

2. Build campfires only in designated fire rings

3. Fully extinguish fires before leaving the area

C. Wildlife Safety

1. Store food securely to prevent interactions with wildlife

2. Do not approach or feed any animals encountered

3. Keep a safe distance to ensure the safety of both humans and animals


Coconino Rim Road Dispersed Camping offers a fantastic outdoor experience for individuals and families seeking to connect with nature. With its beautiful landscapes, abundant wildlife, and various recreational activities, this camping area is a must-visit for any nature lover. Remember to adhere to camping guidelines and regulations to preserve the natural beauty of the Coconino National Forest for future generations.

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