board connector types

board connector types

Board Connector Types

In the world of electronics, board connectors play a crucial role in providing a reliable and secure connection between different electronic components. These connectors come in various types, each serving a specific purpose and having its unique design and functionality. In this article, we will explore some commonly used board connector types and understand their features and applications in the field of electronics.

I. Pin Header Connectors
Pin header connectors, also known as male connectors or headers, are widely used in electronic circuits for connecting circuit boards and components. These connectors consist of a row of pins that can be inserted into corresponding female connectors. Pin headers are available in different pin counts, ranging from a few pins to several hundred pins. They are commonly used in applications such as computer motherboards, power supplies, and communication equipment.

II. Board-to-Board Connectors
Board-to-board connectors are used to connect two or more PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards). These connectors typically have a mating interface on each end, allowing easy and secure connections between boards. They can be broadly classified into two categories – board stacking connectors and mezzanine connectors. Board stacking connectors are used for vertically stacking PCBs, while mezzanine connectors are used for horizontal mating between PCBs.

III. Wire-to-Board Connectors
As the name suggests, wire-to-board connectors are used for connecting wires to a PCB. These connectors come in various types, such as crimp connectors, insulation displacement connectors (IDC), and solderless terminals. Wire-to-board connectors provide a reliable and secure connection between wires and PCBs, making them suitable for applications like power supplies, automotive electronics, and industrial machinery.

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IV. FFC/FPC Connectors
Flexible Flat Cable (FFC) and Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) connectors are used to connect flexible cables to PCBs. FFC/FPC connectors provide a low-profile, space-saving solution and are commonly used in applications that require frequent flexing or bending. They are widely used in mobile devices, LCD displays, and automotive infotainment systems.

V. Circular Connectors
Circular connectors are used in applications where a secure and waterproof connection is required. These connectors have a circular mating interface and are commonly used in industries like military, aerospace, and outdoor equipment. Circular connectors are available in different sizes and configurations, and they are generally rugged and capable of withstanding harsh environments.

Board connectors are essential components in the field of electronics, enabling reliable and efficient connections between various electronic devices and components. We have explored some commonly used board connector types, including pin header connectors, board-to-board connectors, wire-to-board connectors, FFC/FPC connectors, and circular connectors. Understanding the features and applications of these connectors is crucial for engineers and designers in selecting the appropriate connectors for their electronic projects.

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